Network Partner  Program

Pansarionline network  program is now free and enables members to earn revenue by partnering with us for serving local community . Our vision is to cerate an  online platform for the traditional Pansaries / Glossary store in each districts and small town and support them in marketing their products and drag it within the network of Ancestral Pansaris by keeping their traditional values in mind where they can show case their products and start “ Getting Orders Online”  for store pickup or “Home Deliveries”  .  We will be help and support to create their shop online with in our network “” and make it easy for their businesses to

  • Upload products 
  • Customize the customer experience
  • Facilitate orders
  • Manage other areas that are directly relate to selling online
  • Make inventory management a focal point with a view that every product transaction is collected, remaining inventory for that item is reconciled until the availability threshold hits a minimum, and a new order is placed for that product. Businesses that practice good inventory management can increase their product turnover, meaning their products are not sitting on shelves for a long period.

    Those who  never sold their  products online before, it might be hard for them  to gauge demand.  We will help them to add products to their e ecommerce store ,  so that they  can get a good idea of online demand. Also, don’t be afraid to say “no,” and tell users when items are out of stock.

      Get the most out of your supply chain partners : 

      Inventory management has as much to do with your supply chain partners as it does with your data and order management skills. Most of our  businesses have a pretty basic supply chain, the flow of goods from raw material and production to distribution. It usually looks like this:

                        Producer — The partner tasked with taking raw material and creating the goods.

                          Distributor — The partner who transports the goods to your business.

                            Customer — The partner who purchases and uses the good.

            Integrating with us in  ecommerce will require a new supply chain process. You will be getting a systematic and useful reporting for your daily sales with increased sales orders online and you can get the most out of your supply chain partners by comparing different solutions at each stage of your supply chain. We will help in  optimizing  supply chain with our SCM tools.  

            Market your goods online

            Selling online is a lot like selling in a store. The more traffic you create, the more sales you make. Our professional team will support  about how best to market your products. We will :

              Create unique product contents which is  a critical cog in  online marketing machine. As it relates to ecommerce, it’s important to create unique product descriptions for all of your items. Our team will devote  time to write unique, actionable product descriptions. You will gain a competitive advantage by high-quality images for all your products. 

                We are going to use social media wisely to  get your business in front of a large audience, especially with so many users checking social media constantly . Our Team will take the time to ensure that they are  striking an appropriate tone keeping  in mind that social media should be a means to driving more visitors to your website, so always think about optimizing posts to push users to our  website.

                  Email Marketing and News Letter : In the world of consumer sales, an email can be one of the most valuable pieces of information you collect. Our  creative email marketing campaign will  generate repeat business for our network , push a lead through  sales funnel, or help stay top-of-mind for future needs. Our regular News Letters will update our customers about new products in the market . 

                  In conclusion

                  If you have not  yet to integrated  ecommerce into your  business model , you  should strongly consider adding your  store in our network . It’s a great way to allow homebound and loyal customers to continue buying your products. We will use  this plateform  as a means to form relationships with others, in like or related fields, that  will help to expand your  business' ability to find new customers, partner and grow. The key reasons for making this network of Traditional Pansaries who have keep their values by keeping quality products and has a good will and high reputation with in the community , is to  acquire new business leads , identify business best practices or industry benchmarks , stay on the cutting edge of technology and new business trends . For more information please contact us at